St Paul’s Juniors: What to expect

Pupils have many different interests and talents but they all share a thirst for knowledge and a zest for life.

We enjoy a reputation for all-round excellence: academic; sporting; musical and creative – and we make sure days at St Paul’s Juniors are filled with fun, interest and purpose.

We pride ourselves on offering the widest possible range of opportunities for our pupils. With the help of our form, house and buddy systems, new pupils soon feel part of the community and get to know the school routines quickly.

Pupils arrive between 8.00am and 8.20am and meet their form tutors for registration at 8.25am. Most mornings begin with an assembly at 8.35am in the School Hall. This is a time when we gather together as a community to reflect on important issues in the world around us, to enjoy class or individual performances, to hear from interesting speakers and to celebrate pupils’ achievements. Orchestra, choir and other musical ensembles also rehearse at this time, and when the morning assembly is for particular age groups, other pupils spend time with their Form Tutors. On Friday mornings there is an assembly for Jewish boys.

There are two 35-minute lessons before the bell goes for morning break at 10.15am. Pupils have time to relax and play with their friends before returning for two more lessons. Starting at 11.55am, our long lunch break allows time for pupils to eat a healthy, nutritious meal and to play with friends, take part in sports practices, rehearsals, clubs and activities, or to relax and read a book in the library.

Pupils return to their Form Tutors for registration at 1.15pm before going to afternoon lessons. There are four lessons in the afternoon with a five minute midway through to allow time for pupils to have a drink and collect folders. First Years have a slightly extended break with an opportunity to play outside. Pupils return to their form rooms at 3.50 and school finishes at 4.00pm.

After a busy day at school, we don’t believe in overloading pupils with homework. We recognise that many pupils are involved with hobbies and activities outside of school and we feel that it is important to allow time for these. First Year boys normally have a small amount of homework to reinforce work carried out in school. As pupils move up the school, they progress from having about 30 minutes’ to an hour and a half’s work each evening by the time they reach their final year at St Paul’s Juniors.

For older pupils in sports teams there are some fixtures on Saturday mornings.

The Grapevine, our weekly newsletter, contains an outline of events for the week ahead and is packed with news about what the pupils have been doing.

We work in close partnership with parents and benefit from a very active and supportive Parents’ Group.

How to apply

A step-by-step guide to our admissions process, from registration through to assessments, plus information on scholarships and bursaries.

Junior School Open Morning

A flavour of daily life

The annual Open Morning provides an opportunity for parents of boys who are registered for 7+ or 8+ entry the following year to meet the Head, staff and current pupils, and to get a flavour of daily life at St Paul’s Juniors.

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When the boys move on at thirteen, they are thoughtful, well-rounded, independent thinkers with the ability to question, analyse and articulate their opinions.


St Paul’s School is an academically selective school open to all boys, regardless of their economic or social circumstance. Financial assistance is available on a means-tested basis, with up to 100% fee remission available.

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